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In Astro Finance we have already spoken to you on more than one occasion of the reunification of debts and of all the advantages that this procedure entails. So if you want to answer the question how do I reunite my loans with Astro Finance, read on, because on the other side of the screen the easiest way to do it awaits you


Steps to reunify my loans

Steps to reunify my loans

And as we already told you, with the reunification of debts you can combine all consumer loans into one, to pay a single installment a month instead of several. This has many advantages, such as being able to extend it but in return reduce what you pay each month, to be able to go more baggy.

It is an interesting solution for users who currently have several debts, with different fees and who want to have better financial health. Because it will allow you to better control expenses (in a single installment instead of several).

Of course, if you are interested, you may be wondering how to do it, since if it were a laborious process I could throw you back. But nothing to do, because reunifying your loans with Astro Finance is very easy.


How do I collect my loans 

How do I collect my loans 

First of all you need to download the Astro Finance application for your mobile. Once you have it, you will simply have to connect your bank accounts and your FinScore will automatically be calculated. This score is what determines the maximum loan amount you can access and under what conditions.

From the loan section of the application or from the loan website you can take a look at the amount (we give you up to 50,000 dollars), conditions, terms and much more. So that you can get your debt reunification in a few steps.

You will simply have to contact us and make your request online. Yes, as you hear it. The whole process is done online through the Internet, so you don’t have to physically go anywhere.

So, once your request is received, we will propose a solution completely adapted to your budget. That is, we will study your case and give you the best possible formula so that you can reunify your debts through Astro Finance, through a new loan adapted to your current situation.

In addition, we are completely transparent, fast and efficient, so we will ask for the least possible paperwork. And, if all goes well, you will receive a contract and the reunification of debts will be launched.

Now that you have answered your question ” How do I reunite my loans with Astro Finance ” and you know how simple and fast it is, are you going to take this path? If you have several installments of credits, cards or purchases, the best thing is that, if you need it, put it all in one and extend it if you wish.


Is a reunification of loans worth it?

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In the event that you are paying several monthly payments and feel that you are very tight, it may be the best financial solution for you. So in these cases it is well worth it. After all, it is also a way of having finances and operations controlled.

In addition, through Astro Finance you can hire it online. All without headaches, without having to go anywhere, without paperwork and instantly. So it is important that you know the existence of this product, since it could come in handy at some point.

If you do not know if it is the financial product that best suits your needs, remember that you can ask us and we will advise you on what you need. Do you have any doubt left? Can we help you with something else?